Tips for Entertaining Clients When on the Road

Advice on how to arrange a great business lunch when you’re not on your own stomping ground.

I was recently interviewed by Canadian journalist Camilla Cornell for The National Post along with Annabel Hawksworth, a PR consultant out of Vancouver.

Here are our top tips how to serve as host away from home

How do you pick the right restaurant?

Ms. Hawksworth suggests finding a restaurant that’s generating some buzz through trip advisor, friends or foodies. Take hotel concierge advice with a pinch of salt as they often recommend the same restaurants that are not necessarily the best the city has to offer.

How early should you book?

It’s important to have a location that’s convenient for your guests and book early. Of course a popular restaurant or one that’s generating some buzz may have to be booked well in advance. A month is not unheard of at popular restaurants in the larger cities.

How do you keep a lid on costs?

Pre-order for a larger group. “By pre-ordering wine, a choice of perhaps three different appetizers, mains and desserts for your guests, you ensure things move along smoothly and you stay within your budget.”

Be an early-bird

Arriving at least 15 minutes before your guests allows you to check out and perhaps adjust seating arrangements, as well as offer a few quick directions to the wait staff about how long to leave between courses.

Mind your manners with the waiter

Watch your etiquette, dealing with wait staff. The way you treat the wait staff is part of your brand. If you’re abrupt or rude, your guests will assume that’s your standing operating procedure. And that’s not good for business.

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Posted by Joanne Blake – the Canadian corporate image consultant and fan of new food experiences

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