Straw Etiquette and Table Manners Mistakes

How to look like an adult when using a straw


My husband is driving me crazy. I took him to your dining etiquette class put on by the University of Alberta alumni. It was a great evening and his table manners have improved immensely. But he still has one annoying habit that you didn’t address. When he drinks with a straw, he uses it just like a little child. Please give him some tips on how to use a straw properly. He’ll listen to you.

– The last straw


Why is it that people rarely listen to their spouse’s advice? (Joanne, never listens to me. Well, she listens but rarely does what I say.) I know what you mean about people looking like little kids when they use a straw.

Hunchback of Notre Dame

You see all sorts of people, even those wearing nice business suits, hunched over their drinks. You can still pick up a drink that has a straw in it. In fact proper dining etiquette says that you should. That way you sit up straight and look good while you’re drinking just as you should sit up straight while you’re eating.

No slurpies

I don’t know if your husband does this, but another annoying habit with straws, is slurping loudly. You wouldn’t blow bubbles into drinks like a little kid (or at least our table manners advice at a business lunch is not to) so why startle people with huge vacuum-like slurping noises when you reach the bottom. As an adult you don’t have to finish everything on your plate and you don’t have to finish every last drop of your drink (no matter how expensive a cocktail it is, or how much you need every last drop of alcohol). How to prevent that annoying slurping at the end? Just don’t drain your glass quite to the bottom.

Listen up buddy

I hope these tips and advice help. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him… drink properly with a straw.

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Posted by Terry Pithers – The Dining Etiquette Expert and good straw user

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