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Creating People Power Party

Terry and I attended numerous holiday parties this December but one stands out. It was a fun and unique holiday get together hosted by colleagues at Creating People Power. The managing partners Paula and Michelle devised a great activity to get people engaged and talking to one another. Guests were invited to provide a personal photo and answer some fun questions that would generate interest and get people connecting.

These are a few of my favorite things

The questions were based on people’s favourite things, activities, songs, books and specials skills. The photos were posted on one side of the room; the biographies on the other and we had to try to match the bios with the right photos.

Beyond business and career

We weren’t able to match everyone and that gave us some great conversation topics to connect and get to know each other beyond the business/career level.

Guess who?

Below are Terry and my answers. See if you can guess which is Terry’s and which is mine. Some of these questions might make great gambits for conversation next time you network or meet someone. Think of filling out one for yourself.

1- Favorite book:

a – Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls – an independent woman overcoming major obstacles

b – The Martian Chronicles (any of Ray Bradbury’s early SF)

3 – First Language:
a – Italian
b- Irish (just joking, actually English with an Irish accent)

4 – Special skills:
a – My sense of humour via my satire website
b – Shopping and dining in exotic destinations and sunbathing (not necessarily in that order or together)

5 – Reading right now:
a – Orenda by Joseph Boyden (Giller Prize winning author whose other two books are fantastic)
b – Lean in, Sheryl Sandberg, Dear Life by Alice Munro… and 6 others!

6 – Favourite movie:
a  The Hours
b Doctor Zhivago

Terry or Joanne?

Do you think you got it right? Now we’ll have something to talk about when we next meet.

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